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Welcome to Ingenious Guru is a technology-driven way of redefining Learning and Teaching simpler & easier. Its started with an idea of 'investing time' in the best hours to 'reap much benefit' out of it.

How will it be when the teacher can teach the students when the teacher feels that it’s the best hour to deliver their knowledge?

How will it be when the student can attend the class when the student feels that it’s the best hour to get the knowledge?

Both are 'allowed their own time' to make the best out of it.

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What is Ingenious Guru?

Ingenious Guru is an Online Learning & Teaching platform

  • For all Guru’s who can deliver their knowledge through online
  • For all students who loves to learn more and more.
  • Which is not live, but recorded and that stays without disappearing.
  • Repetitive learning and listening can enhance your skill and better understanding.

Ingenious Guru's Features


'Own your time'

Teach Multiple Courses

'Stop spending time on the same'

Host In Own

'Be your own brand'

Charge Your Own Fee

'No fee restrictions, you know the worth'

Get Paid Directly

'Let your website bring your payments'

Save Time With FAQs

'Why answer the repeated Questions with same answer?'

Launch your Own Online Education / Training Website

Process Your Sales Through Payment Gateway Integration

  • Let the students make the payment ease thru' the payment gateway integrated.
  • Your student from anywhere in the world can pay you.
  • Teach your courses throughout India and collect currency in local payment.
  • Teach your courses internationally and collect the payment thru' paypal.

Create Your Website & Launch Your Brand

  • We assist you in creating a beautiful website.
  • User-friendly dynamic website
  • Name it with your own domain name

Do you have flair in Imparting
any of the skills?

Personality Development

Communication/ Language

Health & Fitness

Business Development

Arts & Crafts

Import & Export

Academic Tution Classes



Training Manuals For Clients

or any niche segment you love to teach, train and earn, then ingeniousguru is the platform you were searching for!!

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